Handle a Lunch Interview like a Pro

Going out to a business lunch can feel like a first date. Even more so if an interview is involved. Nerves are at an all-time high and you want to make a great impression, all while remembering to chew with your mouth closed and keep your elbows off the table. Recently, I had a friend reach out and ask my opinion on how to handle an interview over lunch. Because this seems to be a common concern among interviewees, I figured I would share my advice.

You got the interview, now what?

First, get some information about the restaurant the interview is being held at. Usually companies will have a place they commonly take potential candidates, so it should be determined well ahead of time. Figure out the parking situation at the restaurant, how long it will take you to get there, and take a look at the menu. If you have dietary restrictions, be sure the restaurant is able to accommodate them. Otherwise, you need to let the interviewer know with enough time to make alternate arrangements. Dietary restrictions are nothing to be ashamed of, however, if you are a picky eater who tends to “substitute” almost every item on a dish, it is advised you choose a selection that will not require you to do this. Continue reading


World Cup Tastes: Brazil

In recent weeks, soccer has been sweeping not only our nation, but the entire world thanks to the FIFA World Cup.  We rooted on our beloved United States Men’s Nation Team (USMNT) while they tackled the “group of death” and moved onto the second stage. Just as it seemed the odds had been defied, the USMNT unfortunately fell to Belgium in the first game in the round of 16. After boycotting waffles the day following the loss, we decided it would be interesting to look at the native eats of the host country and one of four teams still contending in the tournament, Brazil. Now in the semi-finals, Brazil will take on Germany while Argentina faces off against the Netherlands in the fight to take home the trophy in the most widely viewed sporting event in the world.

Brazil’s Culinary Offerings

As the host country of this year’s World Cup, Brazil packed some local flavor into the concession menus. The menu, which features different barbecued meats, Tropeiro Beans, and Guava Cake, gives just a small sampling of the culinary creations the country has to offer.  Outside of the stadiums a wide variety of foods can be found,  typically depending on the region and its inhabitants.  However, as the world leader in dry beans production, it comes as no surprise rice and beans is one of the most common dishes for Brazilians in each region. Let’s start from the top.

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Individuals Are at the Core of Detroit

A version of this post originally appeared on the Core Detroit blog.

Detroit is a city like no other. Though plagued by decades of hardship and struggle, its people refuse to let their city be defined by the worn out, negative narrative. The real Detroit is resilient. You can see clear proof of this in the city’s ever growing number of small businesses, and in its steadily expanding workforce.

Headquartered at 1528 Woodward in the heart of the M@dison Block is foodjunky, a new company built to serve Detroit workers and businesses.  At foodjunky.com, we provide an online food ordering service. Our goal is to understand and fulfill the needs of our customers, by turning hungry people into happy people. In order to serve all unique parties, foodjunky created a platform to empower customers to make choices best suited for them.  This individual ordering platform creates a quick and streamlined process, so that our customers can get right back to making our city a better place.  In a few simple steps, individuals can order exactly what local eats they’d like from an expansive list of restaurants in our system.

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An Entrepreneur’s Fight to Stay Healthy – Exercise

An Entrepreneur’s Fight to Stay Healthy – Part III of III

This is the final part of a three part series covering entrepreneur health. Our final focus will be on exercise.  Click to read the first or second part.

If you have been reading along, you will know that I spend an average of 90 hours a week working and an average of 56 hours a week sleeping. While some may say that leaves little time or will to work out, I say there is a reason not everyone starts their own business.

Exercise is essential

While running a business it is important to stay fit. Starting a new business has many challenges and greatly increases stress levels. Deciding to leave a well-paying job for an unproven concept and making payroll or hitting numbers for outside investment is all very taxing. An article, written by Mayo Clinic, explains how important exercise is to dealing with stress.

take the stairs at work

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An Entrepreneur’s Fight to Stay Healthy – Sleep

An Entrepreneur’s Fight to Stay Healthy – Part II of III

This is the second part of a three part series covering entrepreneur health. To read part one, click here.

Adequate sleep may mean greater success

Sleep is extremely important and should be high on any entrepreneur’s to do list. In every decision one makes, sleep, or lack thereof, is a contributing factor. An interesting read from Science Daily shows how the lack of sleep increases one’s pension for risk.

entreprenuer sleeping

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An Entrepreneur’s Fight to Stay Healthy – Diet

An Entrepreneur’s Fight to Stay Healthy -Part I of III

Being an entrepreneur is hard, not only for the obvious reasons, but also for some that are less obvious. Starting a business is extremely time consuming and stressful. Time tends to be an ever decreasing resource. One of the most important jobs of any entrepreneur is to manage time properly. The three most common and time consuming tasks that often get pushed off are sleep, exercise and diet. As each are important, I will focus on them separately. The first of the three-part “Entrepreneur’s Fight to Stay Healthy” series is devoted to an entrepreneur’s diet.

Don’t Forget to Focus on Diet

First, let me start by saying that I am not a doctor, nor am I a nutritionist.  I am a food entrepreneur and run a startup called foodjunky.com, in Detroit. I have direct access to the best food in Detroit, both healthy and unhealthy. Before starting foodjunky, I was an avid mountain climber and triathlete. I became focused on my body and diet while studying at the University of Colorado Boulder. Attending school, I found that my diet was not diverse. The lack of variety in my diet  was holding me back socially and physically. This lead to the decision to work on diversifying my diet. With this new diet, I found it was becoming much easier to stay healthy while also opening up options when dining out.

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Mother’s Day, Give More than a Gift

Mother’s Day is almost here!

Mother and Daughter on Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 11) is fast approaching and each year the same question comes up, “what should I get her?”  With the holiday’s 100th anniversary this year, the pressure is on.  There is plenty to be found on the internet about the “Best Mother’s Day Gifts”.  Each website creates it’s own list of the top gifts to get this year for Mom.  While I’m sure she would love this $55 necklace from Ann Taylor listed on Real Simple, this year consider giving Mom something not found in stores.

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Cinco de Mayo, how to properly celebrate

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, is just around the corner.  This year, we want to make sure you properly celebrate.

The city of Puebla is known for it's colorful streets.
The city of Puebla is known for it’s colorful streets.


It’s necessary to understand the importance of Cinco de Mayo.  Historically, Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexico’s unlikely 1862 victory in the “Battle of Puebla” over the French.  Now, especially in the United States, the date has transformed more into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage.
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Detroit Restaurant Week returns!


We are happy to announce Detroit Restaurant Week is back for the 2014 spring edition!  Restaurant week kicks off today, Friday, April 11 and will run through Sunday, April 20.  The event is sponsored by Shinola and produced by Paxahau, with Quicken Loans/Opportunity Detroit as a supporting sponsor.  Patrons can dine at 19 different restaurants that are focused on providing a unique experience that can only be found in Detroit.

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Gateway Deli, home of the potato pancake sandwich

Kujtim Kolami and Peter Berishaj, owners of Gateway Deli Cafe
Kujtim Kolami and Peter Berishaj, manager and owner of Gateway Deli

Gateway Deli

With a history spanning over 20 years in a total of 4 different locations, Gateway Deli has been a part of the Detroit food scene for quite some time. Peter Berishaj opened the first Gateway location in Southfield twenty years ago at 11 Mile and Gratiot. After moving out of that space, Gateway opened up two locations in downtown (Fort St and Ford Field) and one in Troy.

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